Roy Binger

Roy Binger is CEO and Founder of Binger Financial Services, LLC.

The company specializes in property and casualty insurance, personal insurance, commercial lending, and commercial real estate solutions. Mr. Binger received his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Holy Cross College in Massachusetts, an MBA at the University of Miami in Finance, and graduated from the Emory Executive Advanced Leadership Program, Guizueta Business School. He was the CEO for a local community bank Peoples Bank, Miami, Florida. As the Senior Vice President, Retail Group Executive for Huntington Bank, Roy oversaw the expansion of a loan portfolio of over $1 billion while maintaining one of the lowest business banking delinquency ratios at the bank. He also served as Executive Vice President for one of SunTrust Bank’s largest divisions, overseeing $12 billion in assets, and as City President for SunTrust Bank St. Petersburg.

With over 25 years in the financial sector he is uniquely qualified to highlight risk management and commercial lending solutions to maximize profits within the guidelines of client’s risk tolerance for growth. Some of the financial solutions provided to clients include directors and officers insurance, trade credit insurance, bonds, mergers, private equity and commercial loans, which help companies gain strong footing in the financial world. He has been awarded the Tampa Bay Business Innovator of 2013 award and was inducted into the Florida Business Hall of Fame. Roy currently serves on the boards of several organizations, including the Museum of Fine Arts and the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg.

Locally, he was instrumental in working with the City of St. Petersburg to bring a financial institution to the Midtown area. He worked on the TLM initiative that is bringing a gas station and convenience store to Midtown; and insured the St. Petersburg College Midtown building and the Isaiah project with the Brayboys. As a former member of the USF Board of Advisors, he was part of the process that led to the development of a student center and a school of business. Roy was also part of the team that led the sale of Bayfront Medical Center for $205 million.