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Homeowners Insurance Policy

Binger Financial Services is committed to insuring one of your largest investments, your home. The best way to protect it is through a homeowners insurance (HO3) policy.
Homeowners (HO3) policy provides insurance to single-family, townhouse or duplex homes that are owner occupied. Our homeowners insurance product provides insurance related to most risks, such as fire, lightning and theft. It also provides coverage for:

Dwelling Insurance Policy

Dwelling insurance and fire policies are intended for landlords to insure single-family or duplex homes that are rented and not vacant. DP3 Dwelling insurance provides coverage that you can count on, including:

Loss of rents
Other structures
Personal liability and medical payments to others.

We also have optional coverage such as ordinance and law, replacement cost on personal property, and theft.
Your insurance agent can help you define the amount of coverage and options appropriate to your individual situation. We are proud of our partnership with independent agents who are highly trained professionals focused on customer satisfaction and attention to detail.

Mobile Home Insurance

Hurricanes, severe storms, flooding, tornados – these are just a few of the factors that make Florida Mobile Home Insurance extremely important and tricky. Fortunately, Binger Financial Services has written hundreds of insurance policies for mobile homes in Florida and we consider manufactured homes one of our specialties. If you recently purchased or are about to buy a mobile or manufactured home, we’re confident we can help you with your insurance needs.
Already have Mobile Home Insurance? Make sure you’re not paying too much.
Even if you are already have coverage for your mobile home, Binger Financial Services can check to see if your current policy is providing you with the proper coverage. We’ll also double check to make sure you are not paying too much. The insurance industry changes just as much as any other type of business, so it pays to get new quotes every few years.
As an independent insurance agent, Binger Financial Services has the ability to take advantage of a number of different markets and we work with a number of different Mobile Home insurance programs to find the perfect policy for you!
Getting a Mobile Home Insurance Quote is Easy
To get started, all we need is some basic information on your mobile home and we’ll have an insurance quote for you within a few hours!
Don’t just pick any insurance agent out of the phone book! Call Binger Financial Services. We are proud to be YOUR local independent insurance agent. You’ll feel comfortable dealing with people who understand the details of what makes a good insurance policy for your Florida mobile home. You’ll also be able to rest easy knowing you have the right coverage at the right price.

Condo Insurance Policies

Condominium association policies typically cover common areas only. Heritage Property and Casualty’s HO6 policy provides coverage to a condo unit occupied by the owner or a tenant and its valued contents. HO6 condo policy offers significant protection, including: