Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance


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Commercial Property Insurance

No business is immune to potentially devastating events that could damage or destroy a building or its contents. Whether you lease or own your commercial property, insurance is an absolute must. A fire could sweep through and destroy your livelihood in moments. A water pipe could burst and destroy vital documents and office furniture. A violent afternoon thunderstorm – or worse, a hurricane – could tear the roof off or shatter the windows of your commercial building. Your business needs protection, and Binger Financial Services is here to provide it.
How Binger Financial Services Can Protect Your Business With Commercial Property Insurance.
Commercial property insurance requirements can be complicated and vary from industry to industry, and no company can afford to take the chance of carrying insufficient insurance for business liability. The experienced agents from Binger Financial Services have the knowledge and expertise necessary to affordably and completely cover all your business insurance needs. We have worked with many different types of businesses in the surrounding communities.
Rather than spend hours on the phone or online, let Binger Financial Services do the legwork. As an independent agent, we’ll provide you with the best available quotes from A-rated companies to ensure protection for:

Office buildings
Business parks
Home businesses
Rental properties
Farm, ranch or agricultural land

Commercial property insurance covers more than just your building. It also includes:

Outdoor Signs
Furniture and Equipment
Fence and Landscaping

Your business insurance requirements routinely change from year to year, so your personal agent from Binger Financial will annually review your policy to make sure your coverage is up to date and you are still getting the best deal available. You can also contact Binger Financial Services for commercial vehicle insurance, workers comp insurance and all other types of insurance necessary for your business.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance is a necessity if you have employees who get behind the wheel on your behalf. The agents at Binger Financial Services have more than 25 years’ experience helping business owners protect their investments and their drivers in the financial services industry.

You’ve got a business to run! Commercial vehicle liability, medical payments, comprehensive coverage, collision, uninsured driver insurance, vandalism or storm damage to your fleet should not factor into your day to day concerns. Don’t spend your time shopping for commercial vehicle insurance and worrying about whether or not you’re making the right decision with the insurance provider you’ve chosen. Let Binger Financial Services handle the commercial insurance for you leaving you free to take care of the things that really matter.
Binger Financial Services is an independent agency that only works with A-rated companies capable of covering every type of commercial vehicle, including:
• Tow trucks
• Box trucks
• Dump trucks
• Commercial vans
• Taxi insurance
• Bus insurance
• Trucking insurance

You’ll receive fast, personal attention from your Binger Financial Services agent throughout the initial policy implementation process. As your business changes, your policy will change with it. Once your commercial vehicle policy in place Binger Financial Services will review your policy annually to make sure you’re still getting the best price and the best coverage available.


Federal, state and local governments require an incredible variety of surety bonds — from numerous license and permit bonds to ERISA bonds, court bonds, tax payment bonds, fidelity bonds, business bonds, broker bonds and many, many more.

With over twenty different companies to choose from, they are able to network individuals and businesses to the surety companies that best understand their industry and their particular bond needs.

Contract Bonds,
Court/Fidelity Bonds
Large Commercial Bonds
License/Permit Bonds
Private Equity Ownership Bonds
Technology/Software Bonds